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The Chakra Colors Explained

I know I have written about these in the past but it seems that people are really looking for a comprehensive and more in depth understanding of the importance of color in their lives.  The color spectrum, just like a musical scale, is vibrational.  You know a dog can hear sounds that the human ear cannot pick up.  The sounds are there, but humans just can’t hear them.  When it comes to colors, most humans can see them, we just can’t hear them either.   A rainbow is a perfect example of vibrational harmony.  People are always moved when they see a rainbow.  Their body responds positively because some part of them ‘feels’ the complete balance and harmony that a rainbow brings.  Your body was designed to be a rainbow and function in complete harmony.

From the beautiful shades of purple at the top of your head; going into a beautiful indigo blue at your third eye, in the middle of your forehead; to a wonderful sky blue at your throat; melding into a turquoise or aquamarine color at your thymus, or what is sometimes referred to as your higher heart; to the amazing and lovely greens of your heart; giving way to the yellow of your solar plexus, just above your navel; to a richer deeper orange in your abdomen; to the beautiful red of your root, at the base of your spine; and continuing down to the deeper browns and then black colors which ground your feet to the earth, you are a rainbow.

Black is all colors combined, but absorbs them all, and reflects no light.  It is perfectly balanced with the clear bright white light above your head which actually contains all colors and reflects them all differently.  We can understand that when we see how light passing through a prism works.  Our body is sort of like a prism.

All these places in your body that I just talked about are energy centers and they are constantly spinning and taking in and releasing energy.  They each spin at a different rate – or different vibration, hence they all present as different colors on the vibrational scale.

The spinning energy centers are referred to as chakras which just means spinning wheel or disc.

Some people can see these colors which others can’t, the same way that many animals can hear sounds or smell scents outside of the human range.  People who see the colors of other people’s chakras are not that different or unusual.   It is just an ability they brought into this incarnation with them, the same way other people brought an affinity for music, or art, or numbers or physical agility.

The people who can see the colors have helped us all greatly by explaining what see they.  They can tell when a person is in balance or out of balance by ‘reading’ their chakra color chart.
Just as seeing the rainbow shows us perfect balance, a person who sees chakra colors can see where our imbalances exist.

If your throat chakra exhibits a washed out pale or muddy blue color, we know that energy center in your body is weak.  We know the throat is our center of communication and commitment, so we can see there is a problem there.  Are you fearful of speaking up and declaring your truth?  Are you too abusive and harsh in your language?  Do you promise you will, and then you don’t?

There are several ways to re-balance a chakra, and the best way of all is to combine all your resources.  If you want to heal and improve your throat chakra you need to first admit there is a problem there and have a desire to fix it.  You need to do a personal evaluation, sometimes with the help of a counselor familiar with these things, and come up with a workable plan to change your behavior and explore why the imbalance came about in the first place.

Then you can get yourself some crystals that send out the vibration you are looking to enhance, and usually that will be easy to determine because the crystal will be the color of the chakra. Clear quartz crystals resonate to all the chakras so they will work for you for just about anything.   Carry your crystals,  work with them in meditation, and use them as the wonderful tools God has given you.  You can also choose to wear colors, or fill your environment with the colors you desire.  Understand that the reason you are doing this is because each color emits a different vibration, and you are surrounding yourself with the vibrations you have determined you need to improve your well being.

As a Reiki Master I channel balanced energy, and so if you should ever choose to see an energy healer, you can get a jump start on re-balancing yourself by having someone else work on each  of your chakras in turn, and bringing them back into the harmony they were created to resonate to.  It would then be your responsibility to maintain the balance by following the previous recommendations.

Today I have just given you one example by speaking about your throat and your ability to communicate and commit.  In the future I will speak more about the other chakras, what they are telling you, and how you can correct and balance them.

Many blessings, Elaine

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