The Christmas Vortex

The Christmas Vortex –

This is a loving happy time of year for many.  For just as many it is a time of sadness.  Many people seem to transition and go home during this holy season, and we always wonder why?

Why is a family left grieving just when there is supposed to be so much joy and love?  And in that question, is the answer.  For souls ready to go, this is the perfect time for them to easily find their way home.  There is a lighted path of light and love and joy shining brightly in the world, and a welcoming loving family in Spirit already celebrating their return.  That makes it easy for them to go now.

Death is not a random act, thrust on us by an unloving God.  Death is a finishing up.  Many souls do not want to engage with the new energies of the New Year – and for them, the month of December is a perfect time to say goodbye.

For those who mourn, I direct you to the Bible – blessed are those that mourn, for they will be comforted.  You will be comforted.

Along with the Masters in Spirit, your angels, your guides and your soul family, may I be a channel for that comfort today.

Many blessings,

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