The Diamond Theory Revisited

The Diamond Theory Revisited –

I wrote about this theory back in 2011 – but I think it bears repeating today. It is still truth.

Have you ever had a problem that you looked at, prayed over, turned over, manifested solutions for, covered in the violet flame and let go of – and then, believe it or not – it’s back again. We have explained that away by seeing our problems encased in layers of energy, or experiences, or lives, and so we went through the process of release – again. We talked about peeling off the layers of an onion, hoping to someday get to the core issue, and have the thing go away and never come back.

Today I offer another way to look at your problems – as diamonds. Every time we release a familiar problem or person, it’s as though we had cleared a facet. We had shined and polished and where there was once a dingy film we now can see part of our diamond sparkling and shining. So we let that diamond (problem) go and think we are done with it. Should it come again, however, it just means there is an angle to the problem (another facet) that we hadn’t looked at yet.

At times like that I have found it helpful to go to God and ask for clarification – ask for more information – ask for a different way to view the problem. Then be open to seeing your old familiar problem in a new light. Shine it up and let it go one more time. If we clear our diamonds facet by facet, and don’t give up, someday we will be left with riches beyond measure.

May all your diamonds shine brightly and light your way eternally.

Blessings, Elaine

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