The Energies of 2018

The Energies of 2018

The Energies of 2018 –

When you work with numerology, the energies of 2018 support manifestation. Add the 2, the 0, the 1 and the 8 and you get 11. Eleven is a master number and indicates a gateway, What energies are you carrying through this gateway? What energies do you intend to help create in your life this year?

If you look at each number individually you have:

2 – keep the faith – don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle.
0 – brand new potentials and possibilities.
1 – a new beginning.
8 – things created in the heavens coming down and getting anchored on the earth.

You are pivotal in this process. You must intend and act and trust and be receptive to receive if you want good to come to you.

-and always remember, when we talk about doing things and creating things, there is always an unspoken part. We are working in cooperation with the Divine – our idea of God – angels – our heavenly support team – perhaps comprised of people we knew and loved on this earth, or those we don’t even remember, but we will remember when we get back to living in Spirit again. We are never alone in this work. We couldn’t do it alone. The beauty is we never had to, and will never have to.

May you have a blessed 2018 filled with magic and miracles and all the desires of your heart – and know that wherever you are on your personal journey, the path ahead is wide open. Your thoughts can take you anywhere you want to go and your inner power and strength are greater than you have yet discovered.


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