The Giving Season

The Giving Season –

We are once again faced with the opportunity, or the responsibility, to give. Which is it for you? If you are like me you have grown up with a holiday gift exchange, and you love the idea of getting together with family and friends and showing them in a physical and tangible way how much you care. But somehow along the way our society has really gone off the deep end.

The media would have us believe that if we don’t purchase now, we will miss out on something valuable. They would have us believe that if we don’t grab ours now, somebody else will get it and we will be left without. This is an attitude that is extremely pervasive, subtly influential, and one of the core things wrong with our world.

The absolute truth is that there is enough for everyone on this planet, if we took only what we needed, shared equally, and gave unconditionally. Since many people are still competitive, selfish and scared, it is hard for those who want to live another way to do so. Hard – but not impossible.

If you find yourself doing things you really don’t want to do this holiday season, you owe it to yourself to sit yourself down and ask yourself ‘why?’

What would happen if I didn’t send those cards, but wished all my friends Happy Holidays by way of social media, which we all get together on anyway?
What would happen if I didn’t buy a bunch of presents for everyone on my list, but talked to them ahead of time, and made the decision together to scale it back?
What would happen if I didn’t cook more food than we need and is good for us, just because it is cookie season?
What would happen if I didn’t put plastic reindeer on the roof and scented candles in every room?
What would happen if I didn’t spend more than I can reasonably manage?

This season can be a lot of fun, and if you enjoy the things you do, by all means keep doing them. But if there is anything you are doing out of guilt or because you ‘feel you have to’ because you have always done it that way, then how about making this year the year you get brave and make some changes?

This season doesn’t need to be stressful, break the bank, or cause guilt and hard feelings and worries and fears. It is supposed to be the season of joy and happiness.

My wish for you is that you claim your joy – and back it up by doing only those things that are joyful.

Blessings, Elaine


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