The Growing Season

The Growing Season

In my part of the country we are finally seeing signs of spring.  People are opening their windows and mowing their lawns.  We have made it through another winter.  This has been a challenging one.  Many lightworkers, lightholders, and spiritual seekers have been hoping for, waiting for, working for and believing in change.  Big change.  Massive change.  We don’t want an end to the current war in some far off place.  We want to see the end of all wars everwhere.  We don’t want a little bit of financial relief for this group and that group.  We want complete financial reforms that leave every single occupant of this planet with enough to be comfortable, and enough left over to enjoy and create.  We don’t want a new medicine or a new health plan.  We want healing methods that allow every single person to be able to benefit from and to thrive from.  To borrow the words from a song from Queen – ‘We want it all, and we want it now.’

Thankfully, blessedly and miraculously we are creating what we want.  And therein lies the secret.  WE are creating it with massive amounts of help and encouragement from the heavenly realms.  We, however, are the experts on this physical plane.  We are the ones with the hands and the feet and the minds that must be put to use.  We may have wanted it overnight, but the reality is that when you are in the physical, you must abide by physical laws.  We are making our plans and seeding our gardens, but we know the vegetables will not be edible until the plants have sufficient time to grow.

We have also seeded the etheric with our dreams and our desires.  They are growing everyday.  We must keep watering them with our trust and faith.  We must keep weeding out thoughts and beliefs that would sabotage our efforts.

Keep working and keep looking and you will see signs everywhere.  Just recently on the news there was a ‘printer’ that could print out an object in 3 dimensions.  Instead of ink they were using human skin cells.  What they produced was an actual living, growing ear that will eventually be implanted on a little girl that was born without one.  This is not fantasy.  This is what we have been working for.

We are in the growing season.  Spring requires more of us than winter did.  If you had a plan or a dream, now is the time to act on it.  Now is the time to get off the couch, get moving and get physically involved in its implementation.  If you need to know what to do first, just ask your Guardian Angel.  They see the bigger picture and will fill you with inspiration.  Just ask and listen. The seeds you have planted are starting to grow.  It’s time to tend your garden.

Blessings, Elaine

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