The Illusion Of Time

The Illusion Of Time

Time – is it on your side?  Do you fight against it?  Do you think it is static and unmovable?  Actually time is a great illusion. If you are doing something you love, a minute hardly counts at all.  If you are trying to hold your breath, or the dentist is drilling in your mouth, a minute lasts a long, long time.   The last 2 minutes of a football game can stretch on and on.

We can either use time to our advantage, or give it power over us to make us anxious.

If you have a reasonable departure time in mind, and a reasonable arrival time as well, how do you spend the time in between?  Are you checking your watch to see how you are doing on time?

It’s an interesting and fun exercise to forget the clock exists and just send out the intention to travel safely, expediently and to arrive when you intend.  When you get good at that you can take that idea even farther.

Let’s imagine you have 1/2 hour before you have to leave, and in that 1/2 hour you have a certain number of reasonable things to accomplish.  You can of course go into worry and stress that you won’t make it on time, or you can send out the intention that you have plenty of time for everything you need to do.

We have been told by learned masters and those who have gone before us that time is just a framework that we have created to live within, to bring order to our society.  Since it’s our creation we can work with it.

I can only share personal experience and the experiences of those I know who have tried this.  We rarely arrive late and we always have enough time to do the things we need to do.
If that is not your experience as well, you may want to try playing with the illusion of time in a different way.  If your intentions to have enough time are reasonable and sincere, you may find you don’t need as many clocks to rely on.

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