the importance of color

The Importance Of Color

The Importance Of Color –

Everyone probably has their favorites.  You may be partial to blue or green or red or orange.   You  may like pastels while others like bold bright colors.  Every color is a visual representation of a specific vibration.  Love and the color pink share the same place on the frequency band.  So do red and strong emotions of all kinds, from feeling really safe and secure to feeling explosive and angry.

Human speech acknowledges these truths even if we are not consciously aware of them.  We talk about being green with envy, feeling blue or sad, or we feel the purity of white.

It’s one thing to acknowledge the power of color.  It’s another to use this knowledge.  As we honor the importance of color in our lives, and use that knowledge, we gain a sense of well being and control of our environment.  We can strongly influence our own moods and set the tone for others with the deliberate use of colors.

People who work with the body’s chakras, or energy system, and the significant color of each,  understand this concept.

White opens up consciousness to the universe.  Violet or purple transforms and transmutes.  Indigo blue accesses inner knowing, vision, hearing and sensing.  Sky blue enhances communication and speaks to commitment and integrity.  Green heals.  Pink radiates love.  Yellow brightens and brings joy and self worth.  Orange enhances creativity and fellowship.  Red can provide stability. Brown can ground you to the earth.  Black can take you even deeper.  One of my favorite crystals to work with is hematite.  It is a silvery black stone and carries not only the energy of grounding but opens up the pathway back to the brightest light.

What is really exciting is that as humans evolve and grow spiritually, we are able to access and use colors that were not within our ability to use before.  I have seen the orange of the sacral chakra and the yellow of the solar plexus chakra evolve into a beautiful shade of peach that some humans are in the process of reaching for right now.  It consists of a beautiful blend of service to self and service to others in perfect balance, honoring all.

What humans have recently evolved to is the ability to work with aqua and various shades of turquoise.  You may have always been attracted to aqua and turquoise.  I have since I was a child. Those were always my favorite crayons.  They speak to the thymus chakra or ‘higher heart’ and go beyond love as we may use that word, to include divine compassion, which is understanding, love and caring at an even deeper level.

There is a wave of aqua/aqua marine/turquoise energy enveloping the world right now.  Tune into it, use it, celebrate it, wear it, create with it and honor it.  It’s a new powerful gift that has always been here for some, but is now available for all.  Its sheer beauty and power just make me feel good.  I hope it does that for you as well.

Many blessings on your journey of awakening,

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