The Importance of Your Life

The Importance of Your Life

Our Universe is a unique creation – all universes are.  We humans are such a small part in the immensity of God it can be easy to lose sight of our importance and our magnificence.  We often think of God as somewhere ‘above’ and ourselves as somewhere ‘below’. We interpret that to mean ‘lesser than’.   Today I’d like to offer you some other ways to view yourself.

If God were the ocean, you are a drop.  By examining a drop of water you can determine exactly what the ocean is comprised of. It’s all there.  All the attributes of God exist in you.  They make you what you are.

If God were the beach, you would be a grain of sand.  All the grains of sand together make up the beach.  All are equally important.  All are equally loved by their Source.  If even one was missing, the beach would be diminished.

Some people have a hard time believing they are a part of God. They feel the separation and believe that it is sacrilege to place yourself in the same category as the Almighty.  And yet, they know that they carry the DNA of their ancestors, and that their children carry theirs.  They will call God their Father, and yet feel insignificant and unworthy.  That’s sad and untrue.  We came from magnificence and therefore can’t be anything but magnificent ourselves.

Some believe that since our bodies were fashioned from earth elements we can’t and shouldn’t compare ourselves to God in any way.   They may not be remembering who we were before we started inhabiting our bodies.    The bodies are the containers that carry our souls – our eternal souls.  God created bodies for us as a sacred gift to us, and by having soul experiences in a body, our experiences become a sacred gift back to God.

Some people think they are being humble when they talk about themselves in diminished ways, as though that is a good thing. It’s not.  It’s just discrediting a part of God.  It’s just the opposite end of the spectrum from conceit, which is thinking you are better than others.  Humans need to learn balance.  They often need to remember truth.  True humility is sensing the greatness of the ocean or the vastness of the beach and having your heart overflowing with gratitude that you are a part of that.  So is everyone else.

Of course we have different talents and interests and IQ’s as measured by human tests.  Human tests tell you nothing about the magnificence of your soul.  Only your heart will tell you the truth.  You chose your human attributes before you incarnated in body and we each picked different ones in different combinations, just for the fun of it.

And the purpose of life?  Perhaps it’s to finally remember who we are, and how we came to be.  Once we remember that we are all members of the family of God, perhaps we will really learn to love our neighbor.  That would be nice.

Many Blessings,

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