2010 – What Does It Mean?

In two more days it will be New Year’s Eve, and additionally the second full moon in this month, which they call a Blue Moon. When things happen infrequently, people will often joke about them happening once in a Blue Moon – or not very often at all – and that certainly is the case for us.

We will be bombarded with celestial energies that don’t come very often. Due to the New Year celebrations around the world, people will be focused on the same things at the same time, making mass consciousness more powerful than it has ever been.

All of that power takes us into 2010 and what does that mean for you?
Things may appear to happen faster. Time may just fly by. You may never think about people that you don’t have much in common with. Months may go by and all of a sudden you will realize that someone has just slipped right off your radar. This is because our vibrational attraction to things is becoming stronger. We will need to learn to watch our thoughts because they could become reality very easily.

If you are committed to spiritual growth you will be faced with your important core issues – those things that need to be dealt with or let go of – those things that need to be accepted or forgiven.

You may find physical issues that need attention right in front of you too – no more hiding or evading what needs to be done.

You may feel that something is about to happen, because it is. You may feel pressured to be ready, because you will need to be. You may feel more freedom and lightness and joy than you have ever experienced, because that is what lies just ahead of us.

You may feel confused and that is alright too. We have three years to understand just what the ending of an energy cycle means and what we need to do to be ready.

Whatever you are feeling, you are not alone. All the information you need will be coming in the right ways and right times. Trust and faith are all it takes right now. Trust that all things are in divine and perfect order. Have faith that a wonderful new day awaits those that choose love above all else.

– and have a Happy New Year.

Blessings, Elaine

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