The Meaning of 2012

We’re Almost There –

That pivotal, transformational, powerful year of 2012 is almost here.  It will be the year that many old practices and beliefs go away; and many new wonders come to us.  You’ve probably heard the old saying – ‘ we can do this the easy way or the hard way, but we’re going to do it.’  Those are your choices for 2012 – the easy way or the hard way.

You can either seek divine assistance, or you will be challenged, to finally let go of whatever IT is that is still taking your power.  It may be a habit, addiction, person, behavior or belief.  IT is probably the thing that causes you the most difficulty.  IT can be faced or IT can be denied, in which case something will probably happen to force you to face IT.  2012 will have its way and that way is truth.

If you’re ready to embrace changes the easy way then today is a blessed gift.  Twenty-nine in numerology reduces to 11 and so we are experiencing another 11/11/11.  You have all the power you need today to face whatever it is that may be blocking your path, and create a plan to deal with it.    If you’ve already completed all your inner work and the path ahead is smooth and clear for you, congratulations – and thank you for holding the light for the rest of us who are still working it out.

What is the meaning of 2012 for you?

Blessings, Elaine

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