The Month For Love

February 5, 2013 – The Month for Love –

Yes, it’s February.  The stores are already filled with candy in red heart packaging.  Feb 14th has traditionally been a day for lovers.   This year it’s for everyone.  Many people are aware that with the new energies we are living in, and the new vibrations of the day, their heart chakras have opened.  More people are treating others kindly.  They are smiling more, opening doors, and generally being nicer to one another.  This is a trend that is not going away.  Love for each other is going to continue to grow.  It’s inevitable.  Those who don’t want to participate will become increasingly uncomfortable on this planet we call Earth.

We have an opportunity, this February, to join in loving each other.   We have a chance to demonstrate universal love – the same kind of love that the great beings of light have for us.  The thing that will differentiate the world we want to live in, from the world we have had so far, is the quality of love that we have for one another.  That’s our measuring device, our yardstick.  That’s how we know how well we are doing – by how well we love.

I hope you will allow yourself to open your heart to new depths of feeling.  As an exercise in positive creation, spend some times making mental lists of everything you love – and everyone you love, and everything and everyone that you know God loves, and that is everyone.

When we love enough, we will know what true joy feels like.  Then we will have the world of our dreams.

Blessings, Elaine

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