the parable of the vineyard

The Parable of the Vineyard

A Very Important Story

There is a story in the Bible about a man who owned a vineyard.  In the parable of the vineyard, he hired people to work all day for a certain amount of money and the people were happy with the deal.  When the day was almost over he hired still a few more to finish out the day – fewer hours –  the same amount of money as the ones hired earlier.

Some people would say ‘that is not fair’ —the people who worked longer should get more.  I understand – it doesn’t seem fair.  In third dimensional thinking it is not fair.  BUT – we want to leave 3d, right?  We want to leave polarity, and disparity, and war and suffering, don’t we?  Then our thinking has to get more expansive.

We have to become grateful that we got to spend the whole day in the vineyard gaining experience and getting to know our fellow workers.

We have to find the love in our hearts to welcome the latecomers, and be glad that they finally found their way to a place that would take them in.

We have to love the owner in the parable of the vineyard, and realize that if we had been one of those who found our way here last, we would still be welcomed and cared for and given all we need.

This heartfelt compassion, understanding, and acceptance of the latecomers, is going to be CRUCIAL in the days and weeks and months to come.  We are going to be hearing many stories about people who took advantage of us, are now sorry, and want to come along with us.

Can you forgive them, accept them and welcome them?  It’s a lot to think about, but consider this:   Had you been born in different circumstances, it could be you that wants to get on board during the final hours.  I can only speak for myself to those who are coming late to the party.  I welcome you.  I’m glad you made it.

Blessings, Elaine

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