the power of belief

The Power Of Belief

The Power Of Belief

Many people believe that if something is lost it will be hard to replace. They believe that if they lost something good, it may be replaced with something not so good.

They are right. Beliefs are energetic and magnetic and they pull back in whatever we put out.

Here’s an absolute spiritual truth – and if you can integrate this into your belief system you can do wonderful things. That truth is this: if something is currently unformed, it doesn’t have to reform at the same or a lower level. It can just as easily form and come to life in a higher vibration than was available in the past. Imagine the absolute best outcome you can. If you can imagine it you can create it. Now imagine even better than that. You can bring that in too.

This means that if you lost your job, you have the potential of attracting a better job. It means if your financial picture is incomplete, you can complete it with an overtone of abundance. If you need a place to live, you can manifest a better residence that the one you had previously. If you are currently without something, you have the power to bring in a higher version than you had before.

The uncertainty that brought you anxiety yesterday, can bring you joy today if you claim your power to create within the void. If something has not arrived yet, you can order what you want. The only things that are presently solid are the things that are already here. If it’s not here yet you can change your request from mediocre to deluxe.

The only reason we don’t do this consistently is because of the fear factor. We start to think that if something is lost, it is lost forever. Not true. It will come back to you according to your belief about it. It will do that consistently and completely. Don’t underestimate yourself. You do have the power of belief.

We can become confused when we think our beliefs are somehow truths.  They are not.  They came originally from some person, or cimcumstance – from something you read or heard that you accepted as fact – or from something that happened in your life that you internalized as a constant reality.

So just think about it for a little while.  Why do I believe this?  Where did this belief come from?  Is it really true?  If it is true for someone else, does that mean it has to be true for me?

Many of our beliefs had a basis in truth and integrity and highest potential.  We bless those and give thanks for those.

Some of our beliefs are just not valid, and they do us more harm than good.  Let’s sit down for a few minutes and start to change them right now.

Blessings, Elaine

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