The Power of Dreaming Big

Imagination and the power of dreaming big –

Last week i talked about the importance of dreaming big and how it can change the world.

We live in a world where greed and corruption are very evident.  Superficial materialism is right in front of us everytime we turn on the TV – so are the destitute, the sick and the homeless.  It doesn’t seem right.  It doesn’t seem fair.  We have probably felt pretty helpless to do anything really meaningful to change the status quo.

The solution for many people has been to live by this old slogan:  hope for the best, expect the worst, and settle for anything in between.  Accepting the inevitability of suffering and learning how to settle may have become a normal way of life.  You aren’t greedy.  You hope you will have enough.  You hope you will be able to make it.

While that attitude may seem admirable on the surface it leaves out one very significant fact.  We are creators-in-training.  It’s too bad we didn’t learn about our abilities in first grade because we may have created different lives than the ones we are now living.

It’s also getting downright dangerous to live one more day with the attitude of settling.  Once our planet passes through the Galactic equator around the end of 2012 the vibrational intensity we receive from the great Central Sun will send us from the wave band of 3rd dimensional frequencies to the wave band of 5th dimensional frequencies.  In the lighter faster vibrations of the 5th dimension our thoughts will become our reality at record speed.

When the curtain rises on the first day of the 5th dimension, the stage will be covered with all the things our belief system sent ahead.

A dear friend sent me a beautiful card that had this sentiment: “IF WE FAIL THIS TIME, IT WILL BE A FAILURE OF IMAGINATION”.  I keep that card close by me as a daily reminder. It demonstrates the power of dreaming big.

Today I’m sending out a call to the dreamers, and the planners and the imaginative.  Please dream big for everyone.  Please imagine solutions that are beyond our comprehension.  Please plan for the time when everyone has their heart’s desires fulfilled.  Thank you.

Blessings, Elaine

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