the power of one person

The Power of One Person

How Important Is One?

Back in December in our Conscious Creation Course we talked a lot about the importance of each individual.  If you work for days on a 1000 piece puzzle, only to have one piece missing at the end, that’s pretty disappointing.  The whole thing is incomplete.

If you clean and shine a big picture window and miss one small area, that smudged area will draw your attention, and the window will not look good.

If you have a rather small hole in an otherwise perfect screen door then the flies and mosquitoes can get it. The whole screen is therefore ineffective.

A recent area election was lost by one vote – just ONE.

ONE matters – one puzzle piece – one smudge – one small hole – one person – YOU.

That’s the power of one person.

Last week I told you that the cosmic vote would be taken this year.  As we are moving from one time/space continuum to another during this magical year of 2012, what is happening is that our collective vibration is being drawn through resonance to a similar vibrational time/space.  The more loving, peaceful, hopeful, joyous, forgiving and grateful we are, the more we will be pulled to a space where all those vibrational qualities are already the standard.  We will probably end up somewhere that is resonating to a mid to high fourth or lower fifth dimensional frequency.

Since any of those are better than the 3d we have been experiencing for the last 26,000 years, our outlook is already assured.  What has not been decided yet, however, is just how far we can go.  PLEASE take this seriously.  Let’s finish off our internal work, and start loving ourselves, and therefore everybody else.  Let’s make compassion and understanding our new way of life.  Let’s soar as high as we can in the remaining months of this year.  Our new world can be glorious – we can make it that way.  The power of one Person can make a tremendous difference.

Blessings, Elaine




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