The Power Of The Moment

The Power Of The Moment

The Power Of The Moment –

Today is 12/12. It is a gateway. Energetically it is a very powerful day. Vibrationally we are all resonating to a higher frequency right now. How do you utilize that power? Most importantly, stay in the moment. Sadly, life doesn’t always support learning how to do that. In fact since early on, you have probably been taught the opposite.

One of the benefits of getting older and retiring is that I have more time. I don’t rush through my life like I once did. The supermarket is one of the places where I see the urgency in people to get it done, and get on with whatever is next. I feel it most at the checkout. Once the clerk hands you your receipt and money and change all in one bundle, you are expected to move out and on and make room for the next person. I usually feel the need to find a spot where I can pause and put things away where they belong, but many people just put the whole thing in a pocket or purse to be sorted out later.

I often see little children wanting to stop and get their coats and zippers and gloves and hats into the right position. I have often seen frustrated moms and dads hurrying them along before they are ready to go. That seems very sad – always hurrying on with the intention of fixing it later. What about now? Now is where the power is. Now is the only place you can welcome peace. Now is the only time you can get centered and focused and grounded. The power of your life is always in the current moment.

The gateway that 12/12 opens will remain open. New higher vibrational energies will continue to flow in. The power of the moment is real, and it can be utilized for good, rushed away from, or allowed to energize the discord that is already present.

If you choose to acknowledge it and be grateful for it and use it, it can move you forward at a very rapid rate. That seems to be a divine paradox and it is. By slowing down you can actually move faster ahead to manifest your dreams and desires and more perfect outcomes. The key is in allowing the forward movement, not trying to create it on your own. The key is in doing your best right now. The answer is in staying in the power of the moment, and trusting that the next moment will take care of itself, because you will bring your best self to that one too.

As we move through this busy and sometimes frantic holiday season, may you take this message to heart. It can heal your life.

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