The Power of the Observer

The Power Of The Observer

The Power Of The Observer –

It is well documented scientifically that the observer can change the outcome of the experiment.  The placebo effect of medication is acknowledged by almost everyone.  In both of these instances it is the energy put out by the observer, or the patient, that creates something monumental.  What is amazing is how little this incredible information is talked about, except in metaphysical or spiritual or scientific circles.

At times in my meditations I create a picture of a possible future.  In this meditation, or daydream, the 6:00 news would sound something like this:  There is a major storm heading toward Texas.  Would everyone please direct some peaceful energy in that direction so that the storm would stay out to sea and not hurt anyone.  There was an accident on the Thruway.  The energy has been disturbed at such and such a location.  Will everyone so inclined please send some balance to that area and would all the healers help the occupants of the car to clear the trauma from their auras.

Would it be a strange world if things like that happened? Maybe so, but I sure would love to live there.  The neat thing is that if enough of us want that, it will happen.

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