the power of your mind

The Power of Your Mind

I’ve been blessed to hear some great inspirational speakers recently, and the ideas they reinforced are these:  You have an amazing mind that influences most of the events of your life – and – you have the God given right, privilege and power to control your mind.

What if you started each day by asking yourself some really powerful questions:

I wonder what good and wonderful things will come into my life today?

I wonder who I will meet that will offer me a gift, either physical or inspirational  – or provide an opportunity for me to give or share something I have or something I know?

I wonder what I can do today to enhance my life, my health, my abundance and my happiness?

Don’t expect an immediate answer.  What you have done is set your course.  Your have predetermined which path you will walk today.  It is a path of untold surprises, blessings and wonderment. You have allowed your heart to give your mind some instructions, and the mind is a powerful and wonderful tool – but it is only that – a tool.  It can be directed to negative thinking and destruction and it will absolutely take you there.  Or, it can be directed to follow your highest and best good, and it will.  It has too.  It is yours.  It will do what your heart tells it to do.

Now some people might try to fool their minds into a behavior that is not in alignment with their heart, and I assure you that won’t work.  You can tell yourself “I will be brave today”,  but if you are scared, you are scared.  That will be the stronger influence.  A positive affirmation, if it is being used as a tool for transformation, must be followed up with other things.

Beginning by telling yourself, “I will be brave today” is wonderful.  Now sit in meditation and ask your angels and guides to direct their powerful energies of peace and love and security and protection to guard and guide you.  Learn a technique like tapping in which you stimulate various points in your body to break old patterns of thought.  Make friends with a crystal that sends forth the vibrations that you want your body to attune to.  Join a support group that will give you the encouragement to make the changes you want to make.  Attend a meditation group or buy a meditation tape that will help you direct your mind in a positive direction.  In other words, if your heart and head are not in alignment, get proactive.  Find something to do about it.

You are a powerful, powerful creator, and your mind is your creative instrument.  All great pieces of music and art – all the innovative technologies of our present life – all these began as someone’s idea.  The idea was the result of powerful emotions from the heart, and the mind took the idea and created, often beyond the creators wildest dreams and expectations.

Don’t ever settle for a life where you are merely surviving and getting  by.  You deserve more – so much more.  Learn to tap into the beauty of your heart and the ability of your mind and you will be unstoppable.

Namaste, Elaine

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