The Story Of The Real You


The Story Of The Real You –

Your body is the least of you.  That’s a pretty hard concept to take in, I know.  Look in the mirror – the body is all you see.  But again, hear this:  your body is only a portion of who you are, and is just the part you see.  The rest of you – the most of you – is unseen.   Of course the body is highly significant  here on earth.   Earth is a physical planet.   Of course the body needs to be honored.  In fact, the dishonoring of the body is a major factor in why the rest of you – the most of you – might have been damaged.

The body has a chakra system.  Chakras are energy centers.  They spin, and in their spin they pull in life force energy from your environment, from the cosmos, from God.  Your healthy chakras, filled with life, support and make up your energy body.  Your energy body, or etheric body, is the template or form that your physical body patterns itself after.

You are a well-functioning, or in some cases not so well-functioning, system of interconnected energy.

Healthy energy body = healthy physical body.

Damaged or distorted energy body = sickness in some part of you.

When the damage comes from  the outside in, your mind or emotions are hurt first, and then the hurt filters down into your physical being.

When the damage comes from the inside out, you experience physical trauma, which then impacts your mind and emotions and then your energy body.

Either way – whether the hurt comes from outside in, or inside out –  when one part of you suffers, every part of you suffers.

Damage the physical here in the physical and the signal gets sent from the hurt body immediately to the mind, creating a hurt mind.  The hurt mind immediately sends its pain to your emotions.  Your emotions relay the pain to your chakras in your etheric, and if the damage is severe enough, your chakras can shatter.  That is the worst case scenario.  Usually our chakras just go out of alignment.

I hope you know how to recognize misalignment in yourself.  I hope you know how to rebalance your chakras. That is the key to getting your whole energy system functioning again.   If you don’t know how, you are not alone.  This basic knowlege has been hidden away, under the guise of esoteric and strange,  for a long time.

Some of the most powerful people of the world – some of the ones who run things from the heart of the governments, business, industry, entertainment and education, and sadly even religion – those powerful people know all about the energy body.  They know how to send you signals that distort your energy field.  They know how to make you sick and then they profit off of your illness.

They profit off of your physical illness through our current health care and pharmacutical industries.

They profit off your mental and emotional imbalances by taking away your power – and prescribing more pills.

Perhaps the worst case scenario of physical abuse is torture and sexual abuse, because that always goes hand in hand with emotional abuse.    And the worst of the worst is emotional and sexual abuse of children.  The base chakras can shatter through employment of this kind of abuse.  The heart chakra can shut down.  The children grow up with huge problems – their security in the world is gone.

This is a long message – longer than usual.  It speaks of things that aren’t pretty.  But it is meant to be a message of hope.

If your patterns have been distorted – even if your chakras have been shut down or shattered – they can be fixed.   That is perhaps the greatest secret of our time – they can be fixed, and you can do a lot to help yourself regain a state of balance.

If the damage is severe, you may need help from a healer of energy.  Make sure you let your intuition guide you to someone of highest integrity, who can work with you in absolute confidentiality.  That will be essential to the rebuilding of your trust, which is undoubtedly one the the things that got damaged along the way.

Whether the distortions you carry are mild or severe – emotional or physical –  they are energetic in nature and they are always connected to one or more of your chakras, which are always moving.   Some days they are more in balance than on other days.  But whatever shape they are in, they can be rebalanced.  They can be healed.  You can always get better and you have the power within you to start down that path to a healthier more balanced life today.

One simple way to maintain daily chakra health is to sit in meditation and breathe light and color into each of your seven main chakras.  Here are 7 simple steps to help you get started.

1.  Focus on your Crown Chakra at the top of your head and breathe in a beautiful golden white light.  Tell yourself “I Trust”.

2.  Focus on your Third Eye in the middle of your forehead and breathe in a beautiful indigo blue.  Tell yourself “I Know and I See”.

3.  Focus on your Throat Chakra which is located at your physical throat and breathe in a beautiful robin’s egg blue.  Tell yourself ” I Speak Truth”.

4.  Focus on your Heart Chakra which is located at your physical heart and breathe in a beautiful green or pink.  Tell yourself  “I Love and am Loved.”

5.  Focus on your Solar Plexas Chakra which is your stomach area and breathe in bright sunny yellow.  Tell yourself “I am capable and worthy”.

6.  Focus on your Sacral Chakra which is your abdominal area and breathe in bright beautiful orange.  Tell yourself “I Can”.

7.  Focus on your Root Chakra which corresponds to the base of your spine and breathe in bright red.  Tell yourself  “I am Safe and Well Cared For”.

If you can’t say those words with understanding and conviction, then that chakra probably needs a bit more work.  If you are sad or upset or angry or unhappy or unfulfilled, one or more of your chakras may need help.  If you have physical pain in any area, then call your doctor first, but your chakra also needs work.  Please explore energy healing, crystals, sound and color healing, and spiritual literature.  There are many resources and many healers available these days.  I am always ready to help you explore all these things as well.  Just get in touch with me and we can set up a plan.

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