The Truth About Ghosts

The Truth About Ghosts

Every human being is a very complex system of energy particles, all pulled together in a certain pattern to make you the you that you are.

It’s possible to leave some of these particles other places than in your current body.  Extreme pain and grief can take away little pieces of your heart.  There are many reasons why, through the years, you have lost parts of yourself somewhere.

Most Native American traditions, and metaphysical teachers, will talk about calling back your spirit, and becoming whole again. Some people may tell you that you have something missing but only with the intention of making you feel guilty, as though you had done something wrong.

Sometimes someone has been hurt so badly, and their heart has been broken so deeply, that when they leave the earth their missing parts cause them to get stuck.

Even as a discarnate spirit, having left the body, they may not know what is wrong, only that something is, and they aren’t complete and can’t move on.  Then their energy remains stuck in the earth magnetic field until they get healed or someone can explain things to them.  Sometimes they move on, but leave huge imprints, or parts of themselves, behind.  People become aware of them and call them ghosts.

There aren’t as many ghosts on this planet as there used to be. Countless numbers of energy healers have been helping them put themselves back together and go home.

If you come across one, don’t send it fear, and don’t yell at it, and stop visiting haunted houses for the thrill of it.  The truth about ghosts is that most ghosts need help.

If you come across one please call in somebody from Spirit to assist it and help it go home.

Now Spirits inhabiting our earthly plane are a whole other story. There are a lot of them around.  Most of them are our friends and helpers and they are not stuck here.  They can come and go as they please and many are on a mission of mercy to help us save ourselves and the world.

So help the ghosts, thank and welcome the spirits, and have a blessed day.

Love, Elaine

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