the value of having fun

The Value of Having Fun

We just celebrated Memorial Day,  a national holiday originally created to remember those who gave their lives for this country.  We still do that.  We have parades and ceremonies.  People who have lost other people in many different ways had strong memories and feelings over this past weekend.  For some it was a time to grieve.

It has also become a weekend off – off from school and for some, off from work.  People planned picnics and parties and hopefully started to enjoy the change in the weather from winter to summer.  It is a time of duality.  Some are sad while others celebrate and enjoy. You do what you are called to do and neither is right or wrong.

So for those who were out having fun and having a good time I want to say ‘thank you’.  Genuine laughter and fun are high dimensional energies and they assist this planet heal in more ways than you may know.

The days of the super serious pious holy men and women, and pilgrims who punished themselves by walking up stairs on their knees, may have cleared a lot of karma, and cleared the way for us, but they did nothing to bring in higher vibrational dimensional energies to earth.  Our joy and laughter and light and love do that.

For those who may be sad, please know this:  your departed loved one is more than likely having fun ‘upstairs’ right at this moment.  If they passed very, very recently they may still be going through an orientation period, and still looking around, but if they have been there even a little while, they are having a good time.  There is no sadness on ‘the other side of the veil’.  They still care for you very, very much, and so your sadness affects them.  It doesn’t take away their joy at their new lives, but they ‘feel’ for you, wishing you could find the joy in life again.  They know they will see you in the blink of an eye, by their new reckoning of time.

So please, if you need to grieve, do that, but then do more. Remember the funny things about them.  Remember the jokes they told.  Remember the things they did that they loved to do and then go do that in their memory to honor them.   If they loved to go get ice cream, do that.  If they loved silly movies, watch one and laugh along with them.  They will be enjoying watching you enjoy.

Whatever you did, and whatever you do, may you be blessed and blessed some more.


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