things change

Things Change


Things change.  Always.  You may think your life is pretty settled, but do you still have the same black and white TV from years ago?  Do you have a phone on the wall, or do you carry your phone in your pocket and expect to see the person you are talking to with one press of a button?

My grandmother went all the way out to Illinois in a wagon with horses and an oil lamp when she was young.  That’s only 2 generations ago.  My granddaughter takes her I-Pad for granted. Things change.

How well do you adapt to change?  Some people get really unhappy about it.  Some people get angry in the face of change.  Some become immobilized and the changes sweep them along just as severely as though a hurricane had descended on them.

We all need to learn to adapt, adjust, and deal with change.  If we can welcome it and embrace it, so much the better.  We are way ahead on the happiness road.

Change is inevitable and we can welcome it with confidence and excitement if we have done this:  Set our intention that all our changes be for our highest and best good, for the highest and best good of everyone, and for our ultimate joy and success. Once we have done this, we need to learn to live in trust that whatever comes to us will bless us.

Will change ever be easy?  Only if we go from something we call bad to something we call good.  It may not feel easy if we are being led into the great unknown.   It may not feel good if we are led away from something we like.  However, trusting in the love and benevolence of God may help you realize that you are being led to something unknown but wonderful, and better in every way than what you feel you may be losing.

I will leave you today with a blessing:  May all your changes be gentle and easy and joyful.  May they all serve your greatest good and bring you peace.


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