thoughts on unity in diversity

Thoughts on Unity in Diversity

Any Star Trek fans out there?  I will admit to being a big one.  I loved the ideals that the show brought forth.  The Enterprise was inhabited by beings who looked different, came from different worlds, had different habits and customs, different viewpoints and different ideas of what a solution looked like.  They upheld their own points of view and honored their own uniqueness, even as they came together to work out mutually agreeable decisions.

They also appreciated each other. They saw value in what someone else had that they themselves might not possess.  They truly respected each other. Friends could be different races, or sizes, or even different species, but if they shared a common understanding that was enough.  They all brought something unique and different to the table and the whole was better because of it. They truly understood unity in diversity.

We are being reminded at this time by our friends in spirit that unity and diversity can, and should, exist side by side.  Indeed they have to, for us to move forward. We’re doing pretty good at honoring unity.  We all want everyone to be well and happy and have a chance for a great life.

But, how are we doing at honoring diversity? Are we honoring the differences we each have?

As our outer environment changes it is imperative that we change.

Unity in Diversity brings new ideas.  It brings checks and balances.  If, for example, we have decided that our government is too be small and polarized, then we need to accept the challenge to be better educated and aware, and find other ways to bring differing points of view to public understanding.

God created this universe and filled it with everything imaginable. There’s even more that is currently unimaginable.  No one thing or person or idea is more precious than another in God’s world.  Let’s keep our eyes and our ears open as we move forward on our path of evolution.  We are not heading toward a time where peace reigns because everything is the same,  but toward a time where peace reigns because all things – and all people – are equally honored.

Namaste, Elaine

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