thoughts on water conservation

Thoughts on Water Conservation

Wasting, or Blessing?

The other day as I was soaking in a tub filled with a lot of wonderful hot water, I was filled with a sense of gratitude. How fortunate we are to live in a country where we can bathe and wash our clothes and have a drink of water whenever we want it. For many of our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world this is as yet an unrealized dream. They may have to walk miles to carry their precious allotment of water home. They may have to ration very carefully what goes to their livestock and their crops, and in many cases the lack of water means there are no crops and no livestock to care for.

I know how important gratitude is, but to just be grateful that I have enough seems so trivial in this case – and not kind enough – and not caring enough – and not loving enough. And so I started to think about ways to do more.

There are many individuals and foundations and organizations that are dedicated to ending this kind of suffering. If I can’t support them with my money I support them with every prayer and loving stream of energy that I can. I intend to send my energy toward supporting new inventive ways of conservation and collection and distribution.

Some more thoughts on water conservation from a spiritual perspective:

I will send out creative intentions by envisioning all people everywhere having enough to be comfortable and healthy and well supplied for all their needs.

And I will bless – I will bless the water I use – I will use only the water I need – and I will bless the water that flows down my drain to be recycled in my area for the benefit of others.

If I choose to bless all the water that flows in to and out of my life, then I never waste it because I always unconsciously use the proper amount for my needs and never more.

If I choose to bless all the water that flows in to and out of my life, then there is never any waste. It is all put to good use.

If I choose to bless all the water that flows in and out of my life, then it goes on to its next destination in better condition than when it came to me.

It’s really simple to make a big difference if you really want to, and you really try. Mindfulness isn’t all that hard. We’re mindful of so many other small details of our day to day lives. How about blessing instead of wasting? How about becoming mindful about your water? And what part of your daily living will you become mindful about after that?

Namaste, Elaine

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