Time To Call Back Your Missing Soul Particles

Time To Call Back Your Missing Soul Particles

Recently, I wrote about what happens to people who leave energetic parts of themselves on the earth when they pass on.  We can sometimes perceive them as ghosts.
They are the most evident example of missing soul particles or fragments, but that phenomenon is not exclusive to them.  Everyone living on the earth, in greatly differing degrees, has lost parts of themselves along the way.

Anytime someone hurt you, or belittled you, or ‘rained on your parade’ in any way, you lost a little energy fragment.  It may have been a little piece of your trust, or your enthusiasm, or your self-confidence or your self worth.  Those parts still exist somewhere.  Are you ready to call them back?  This is not an idle exercise.  They have energetic substance and are really parts of you that got lost along the way.

To call them back is an example of divine paradox at its finest. It is a simple and easy declaration that can either be completely meaningless or outstandingly significant and life altering. Consider it a little like adoption.  Would you bring home a helpless puppy or kitten and then ignore it?  No – it needs love, attention, nutrition, and probably medical care.  So do your soul fragments.  Before you even consider calling them back, you had better decide what you are going to do with them when they arrive – because they will come if you sincerely call.

If you call back your self-worth or enthusiasm are you ready to take chances and make changes?  If the particles contain hurt and anger are you ready to forgive or heal?  We lost all kinds of particles and when they come back they are going to offer us many opportunities to make different choices about our lives.

Is is time for you to call back your missing soul particles – these fragments that will complete you?

If you are ready, just sit in a quiet place, go into your heart in a meditative state, and say “I call back all my missing and lost energetic soul fragments.  I promise to welcome you and use you and heal you. You belong to me – this is my right – and as I declare it, it will be done.”

If you are called to take this step, take it with full awareness that your life will change, because you will have the opportunity to become complete again.  I wish you well,  I wish you love, and, when you are ready for this, the God of your understanding will hold your hand.

Many blessings,

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