Time For Another Attitude Adjustment?

January 10, 2012 –
TIme For Another Attitude Adjustment?

We’re in 2012.  Even though things may look the same, they’re not.  We’re in the time of training to be powerful manifesters.  Are you still believing what you’re seeing?  Then the first attitude adjustment should be this new belief:  things are not as they appear to be – it doesn’t matter what they look like – my certainty in this moment is the only thing that is real.

And what should I be certain of?  That perfect peace is on its way to me if I declare it to be so, and then behave as if it is already here.

What else can I be certain of?  That all the blessings of the universe are coming to me, if I believe that I am deserving.

And maybe one more for today?  That I am a being of pure love and everyone who comes close to me will benefit from the energies I naturally project.

2012 may still look the same, but we are in the doorway to a glorious future for this planet and her people.  Believe it, and it will be true for you.

Blessings, Elaine

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