Time To Be Peaceful

March 6, 2012 –
Time To Be Peaceful –

Tomorrow on March 7, 2012 our moon will be in alignment with the planet Mars.  On Thursday, March 8 we will experience a full moon.  All celestial bodies vibrate differently and we ‘read’ these vibrations in our bodies and translate them into emotions.  When Venus is close by it is easier to feel loving.  When Mercury lines up with us, our mental capabilities are sharpened.  When our moon is full our emotions are at their strongest, and it is easier to write love songs or get in a fight with someone.  Mars always stirs us up.  We find it easier to become assertive, but we must also guard against becoming aggressive.

So here we have it.  Full moon in Mars.  Places on earth that are already warlike could become intensified.  Places within you that are unsettled may become more volatile.  This is a very important week to approach everything we do with a sense of calmness and rationality.

Prayers and thoughts for peaceful and most benevolent solutions are helpful every day of our lives, but sometimes we forget to pray them or think them.  Hope that for the next few days you will choose to remember, and send your benevolent emotions out into a troubled world.

In Peace,
Love, Elaine

Diane O’Neill and I are offering a new format for our classes. You get a group of friends together and have us come in to teach whatever metaphysical topic you are interested in. Topics may include: 2012, we are here: now what? Meditation, How to change you perspective and move out of fear, How to say no, etc. —-You come up with the topic and we will teach it.

Some people have also expressed interest in a more informal discussion, question and answer type format, and we’d be really happy to do that for you too.
So get your friends together, plan a simple party, think about what you’d like to know, and give us a call.

We’re both Reiki Masters and intuitives and will bring a lot of good energy and information to whatever you choose to host.

Elaine can be reached at http://www.elaine444@roadrunner.com
Diane can be reached at http://www.doneill29@gmail.com


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