tips for positive thinking

3 Tips for Positive Thinking

Thoughts, Then Feelings

Many of us have had experiences where feelings have just ‘suddenly’ come upon us.  All of a sudden we go from okay to not okay.  We might feel as though this is something beyond our control.  If you look at this a little more closely, though, you might realize that there was a brief thought that preceded those feelings.  You see a leaking faucet.  Your mind pulls out all the countless potentials and you find yourself worried about high plumbing costs.  You experience a moment of dizziness and you worry that there may be something wrong with you.  Your mind has already remembered all the diseases that have dizziness as one of their symptoms, or the event you might miss if you are getting sick.

Once you consciously know that the thought comes first, you are empowered to have a little more control over those feelings that sometimes seem to be out of control.

If we can catch ourselves at that moment, when we entertain the negative thought, we can do a lot to improve our sense of security.

We can prepare ahead of time by giving ourselves a list of mental truths, using them as tips for positive thinking, and reviewing them periodically.

Truth #1.  Most things we worry about never come to pass.

Truth #2.  If we have intended our lives to bring us only the highest and best, then whatever happens is coming to bless us in some way.

Truth #3.  We have spiritual support teams and angels that walk with us in every moment, to help smooth our path.

If you find yourself having an emotion that is distressing, try to stop and see what thought preceded it.

You have the power over your thoughts.  If a negative one wants to get in there and take over, you have the power to redirect your thinking into something useful and beneficial.  Then the feeling that follows will bring you peace. Use these tips for positive thinking in your daily life.

Blessed Be, Elaine


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