tithing in the bible

Tithing in the Bible

I was raised in a church that taught you to give 10% of your income back to that particular church because that is what Jesus said to do.  Some people take this very literally, read about tithing in the bible, count out their 10%, and feel complete when they are done.  Others also sit back and wait to be rewarded.

Jesus talked to the people of his day in ways they were capable of understanding.  He told them about the importance of giving while at the same time assuring them that they would not be required to give so much that they were left empty.  Jesus was trying to teach us about the natural balance of life.   Do you think the message was received and understood?

Do you think people realize that they are actually required to give a worthwhile portion of themselves to the world with no expectation of return on the investment? Do you think people get it, that they are being directed to use a portion of their energy to uplift, assist, and spread light in whatever ways they are capable of?

Whether it’s helping to build a playground you will never use, listening on the phone to a friend in distress, or writing out a check for hungry people, it all counts if it’s given with no strings attached and no expectations.  It’s done because it’s the next right thing to do.

Why this requirement to share?  Why this directive to give?  Because selfless giving keeps the ego in natural balance, the spirit healthy and the soul complete.  There’s no soul advancement without being able to live in the energy of love, compassion, and generosity.

If you want to know who will still be on the Earth during her next cycle of experience, it will be those that ‘get it’ – and they will be the ones that selflessly and lovingly give it.

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