to be or not to be

To Be Or Not To Be?

To Be Or Not To Be? –

To be or not to be, that is the question – asked long ago by the Master Shakespeare.  He probably had something a little different in mind, but the question keeps coming to me now – to be or not to be part of the solution.  We know we have a problem in our country.

The stakes are pretty high this time around and I do have a feeling I would like to share, and I will share my truth because whenever you pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV or talk to a neighbor you will get their truth.  You must search through the quagmire to get to your own.

We are a society divided.  We are a people angry and upset and depressed because of the way things have gone.  Once upon a time we had founding fathers who had a dream and a vision for the future.  It was a good one.  Something happened along the way. They never intended or envisioned animosity and what we have today.

Many people are bewildered.  They don’t know what to do, and I would suggest that we start by making the personal decision to move forward in a spirit of cooperation.  If we decide to move forward angry and divided and filled with thoughts of vengeance and retribution we have already lost.  I would ask people to search their hearts, and search for the will of a Power greater than we all are to lead us forward.

Our money has said it from the inception — “In God We Trust” – and I am trusting God now to lead me away from hatred and anger and judgment to a place of cooperation and reconciliation.  This is OUR country.  The representatives in the House and Senate are, or should be, representing us, not running with their own agendas for their own personal reasons.  This day requires each of us to search our hearts and vote our hearts and ask ourselves which candidates for president or congress will help our country heal from the ugliness and divisiveness of this campaign?  Which ones will set aside the acrimony and mud slinging and bring our country together?  Which ones will bring to the table attributes that can be utilized to bring back justice and equality?

As bad as things are, I will never deny the bright spots:  My sons, and countless other sons and daughters, are strong, capable and courageous; and insightful, compassionate, fair and loving. They are balanced within.  They are our future. They deserve a world that they can thrive in.

I will never deny the countless millions who work hard every day to bring light and life and truth and justice and equality and love back into our society and our world.  But they have been working under a severe handicap and it’s not a level playing field because most of them refuse to meet violence with violence.  They want to be heard.  They want fairness and justice and to be treated kindly.  I think you may want that to.

I pray to God that on election day we all choose the highest and best for our country moving forward.

Many blessings, Elaine

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