To Live in Hope and Faith

People can live through some pretty difficult times if they have hope.  The angels and celestials keep re-affirming for us that there is plenty of reason to have hope in our future here on Planet Earth. We have been on an evolutionary – ascension path for millions of years, but never before have we been assured of success, as long as we keep moving forward and don’t stop.

In times past there was always that possibility that we would incinerate ourselves and each other in some kind of war.  We have come too close for comfort, but the present and the future are a different story.

There have always been, and still are, many beings who don’t care about their fellow man.  They instigate wars and live for power and control.  Their future is in God’s hands, but we must be reminded of Christ’s words on the cross: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  They don’t know, or don’t care, that they are incurring karmic debt.  God’s mercy is absolute but no one gets to just walk away from what they have done.  There will be a day of reckoning.  You can count on it.

And through all our trials and pain here in this human existence, we have gained such spiritual knowledge that we will never let this kind of creation be played out again.  The last 3rd dimensional time on Earth has closed, or is closing.  We move ahead now – the majority of us – as 4th and 5th dimensional beings who know how to love and forgive and be grateful.

Don’t be discouraged just because our new attitudes haven’t reached some places like the Middle East, or filtered down to the nightly news, or touched the noisy ones, and troublesome ones.  Of course we still have a lot of those.  But the silent majority is speaking out.  The masses want to love and be loved.  The numbers are solidly with the Light, and the darkness fades more every day.

What happens during a period of illumination is that the light shines on things that were previously hidden – sometimes hidden for hundreds of thousands of years.  When that occurs we are tempted to think that things are getting worse, but that is really not the case.  Once we know what is hidden, and decide we want it gone, we have the power to make it go.  We, as a united people are making it go right now.  We are uncovering corrupt businesses and governments and demanding truth.  We are forcing disclosure of many things previously hidden.  We have found ways to communicate with each other, without going through the ‘powers that be’.  People are actually starting to call them the ‘powers that were’.

Individually people are taking back their lives.  It was once almost sacred and absolute to do things by the rules.  Now people are questioning the rules and wondering how they got there in the first place.  Today’s people won’t do things that don’t ‘feel’ right  – and good for them!  We each have our own internal compass, and we have the means to follow it.  When we do we are headed in a wonderful direction to a glorious future.

Free energy and cures for most of the diseases of the day are already here.  They just haven’t made it into public knowledge yet, but just watch what happens within the next few years.  You will be astounded.  Some day everyone will have everything they need and want, and time to enjoy it.  ‘Someday’ comes closer with every person who leaves fear and doubt behind and begins to live in hope and faith.

Blessed Be,

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