Total Eclipse of the Sun 2017 USA

Total Eclipse of the Sun 2017 USA

Total Eclipse of the Sun 2017 USA  –

In 8 weeks, on Monday August 21st,  we will have an experience like no other.  For the first time in 99 years, here in the United States,  we can watch what happens as the moon passes between the earth and the sun. That may not sound like much, but it turns out to be an amazingly rare event!

Usually the paths of totality cover oceans and parts of various countries and are not limited by geography.   For an eclipse path to touch only one country and no other, is reasonably rare, although it happened in Australia in 2012.  The closest we have come is 1918 but that eclipse also touched the Bahamas.  The last one to touch just American soil, before it even became America was 1257, and that one also touched Hawaii.  To see another eclipse that hits only our mainland you will have to be around in 2316.

Aside from this being a very rare, interesting and enjoyable historic fact, what many people are unaware of is the spiritual significance of an eclipse.   It is huge.  You can liken it to having computer problems and rebooting or reloading programs that are giving you trouble.  You turn your computer off, and then turn it back on, hoping that the programs will reload in the proper way.  Sometimes it works – sometimes.  Let’s not leave it to chance.

Psychic predictions are energy readings of the path ahead with the most magnetic pull.  If nothing is done, that will be the path of least resistance that you may drift onto.  Human free will is paramount,  however.  If you hear a prediction you don’t like, just change your direction.  Sadly, instead of this type of information inspiring some people to change, people often just shut down and go into fear, dreading what is ahead.  If I tell you there is a pothole in your path, and you just get afraid and keep walking and fall in, what is the sense in that?  Why don’t you just pay attention and walk around it?  It seems so simple but until people are taught, they don’t know.  I hope you know.

On August 21, 2017 a great darkness will sweep our land.  A lot of people will be distracted and fascinated and just walk willingly into the pothole.  Those who dwell in darkness will encourage you to be blinded by the light, if not physically, then psychologically  and subconsciously.  They want you to take your eyes off the road so that you don’t see the pothole.  They want you to fall in.

Awareness, intention, and regular spiritual practice will be all the countermeasures you need to insure that you don’t fall in, and that when your computer is rebooted no one will have been able to introduce a virus under cover of darkness.  These viruses are energetic and take the form of fears and doubts and sadnesses and angers of all kinds.

If there is a great unease felt by our country in the days and weeks and months following the eclipse it will only be due to the inattention of the citizens.  This message is coming to you 8 weeks early.  Please pay attention.  Please spread the news.  It can be simple easy news.  Suggest that people use the seconds and minutes during the eclipse to imagine their greatest dreams and most profound happiness falling into their lives when the light returns.  Use those seconds as time to create joyous visions with wild abandon.  In the face of love and joy, darkness cannot survive.
This a a simple message, but a profound truth.  May this truth bless you and your family richly and always.

Namaste,  Elaine

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