unfulfilled dreams

Unfulfilled Dreams


Every now and then I will hear a song, and a few words will stay with me and send a message. That happened again recently. Every time I listen to a certain song by Sixto Rodriguez I am attracted to these lyrics, where he sings about ‘people who mislay their dreams and later claimed that they were robbed.’

Do you have any unfulfilled dreams? Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had been born in a different family, or received different education, or taken another job, or chosen some other person to share your life, or moved when you had the chance, or turned left when you could have turned right? We all have those moments, since our lives have always been filled with choices. We all have countless numbers of paths we did not walk.

Does your thinking ever lead you away from your power, though, by believing that some of those dreams were unfulfilled because of someone else?

Of course our physical dreams have to match our physical reality. You need a certain body type to be a gymnast or a wrestler. But why did you want that dream? How did you think that dream would make you feel?

It may come as a surprise to learn that our dreams can often be fulfilled, if we view them from a spiritual instead of a physical place. Was your dream to become president of something or other? Maybe you never got elected, and so you gave up on the dream and felt it was taken from you. If you actually wanted to become a person of influence and make a difference, though, then that was always up to you, and a total reflection of the way you chose to live your life.

Do you think the lack of a college degree keeps you from being a teacher or a healer? You already are a teacher and a healer. You may just not realize it.

Do you think that not having a big family means your life has to be empty and lacking in love? There are plenty of people that need love. Find them. Give it.

If you feel that somewhere along the way, life robbed you of something you really wanted, I hope you will realize how important it is to your future, to heal that part of you. Most of us are living the lives we charted for ourselves. We planned them this way to learn something, or heal something, or contribute something.

If you have an unfulfilled dream I hope you will look at it from a different viewpoint. Why did you want it? What do you think it would have brought you? How do you think it would have made you feel? What can you do to get that feeling another way?

One of the beauties – and challenges – of this life, is that we are never done. The day we are done, we will probably go home. If you are still here, there is still work to do. Maybe there are unfulfilled dreams you still need to fulfill. Are there?

Many blessings,

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