Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness

Getting Together and Dividing Up –

It may seem strange that at the same time we are headed toward unity consciousness we are also experiencing a lot of divisions.  That is appropriate.  Human beings have spent thousands of years exploring all potentials and all possibilities.  People have done hundreds of things they didn’t really like, because it seemed necessary, and they wanted to try out everything.

Well, everything has been tried and we are on the edge of something brand new.  You may be noticing that there are certain activities, or practices or groups of people that just don’t interest you anymore.  You may realize that time is limited.  You may need to pick and choose where to put your energy.   If you keep the focus on the things that bring you joy, and the places where you can contribute with your own unique and individual gifts, then you will inevitably be drawn toward people who feel the same way you do.

Unlike groups in the past, though, groups of the future will have to be based on truth, love, mutual respect and cooperation in order to survive.   No group of people will see themselves as superior or more deserving that any other group.  Groups will be honored as being mutually beneficial to each other, and the individuals within the group will not get their identify from membership, but rather from contribution. This is true unity consciousness. Whenever your vibration resonates harmoniously with a group of people you will be welcomed.  No more exclusions.

Also, these groups will be fluid.  You may flow in and out of them at will.  You will be welcomed when you join in and wished the very best when you depart to join in somewhere else.  If you want to spend time alone, that’s fine too, as long as you answer the call when there is a worldwide situation in which everyone’s prayers and light are needed.

The reason for grouping together is that the things that make me happy may not excite you at all.  The things you enjoy may seem like tedious work to me.  A very talented musician once said that musicians have a high tolerance for monotony.  I get that.  I can play the same piece of music over and over again until it becomes a part of me.  I never tire of the stuff I love.  Someone else might find an hour at the piano, playing the same song over and over again, akin to torture.  For me it’s heaven.  We all deserve to find our own happiness.  We all deserve to feel accepted and supported  by people who share our outlook.

Some folks will want to roll up their sleeves and grab a hammer and go help Habitat for Humanity build houses.  That is their joy.  Some people may delight in growing natural healthy foods and feeding the people who build the houses.  That is their passion.  Some may be drawn to the temples or the meadows to pray for the people that are building and farming. That is what feeds their soul.

Honoring each other enough to bless them in their passions, and honoring ourselves enough to follow ours – that is our future.  Unity consciousness will reign when it is as important to me that you be as joyful in your life as I am in mine.  The world will be healed when it is as important to you that I be as fulfilled in my life as you are in yours.

No one needs to do it all anymore.  All we need to do is our own unique part to the best of our ability.  The beauty is that if we do, everything gets done to perfection –  and we get to be happy.

Many blessings, Elaine

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