Universal Law

June 5, 2012 – Universal Law –

There is One Universal Source that is all love energy, and emotion – love energy in motion.  The One Universal Source has created Universal Law – the way things work.  There is not one law of abundance and one law of scarcity.  There is not one law for health and another for sickness.

There is the Universal Divine Law that decrees that like attracts like, that you energetically attract what you are, and that all things are drawn back to their own vibration.  That is why self-confident evil can thrive – it abides by Universal Law.  That is why wonderful people who believe themselves to be victims, or less than, will suffer.

Universal Law is available to everyone.  It works for everyone.  It will bring you all your heart’s desires, if you learn how to project those desires from a loving, trusting, believing heart.

During 2012 we are being literally bombarded with hightened universal energy coming through our sun.  It’s the neutral raw material for us to use to manifest the world of our dreams.  There is no more need to wait for a better ‘someday’.  Someday has arrived.  Our power is immense.  Let’s use it well.

Blessings, Elaine http://www.elaineholistic.com/

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