Using the Power Of Fear

Using the Power Of Fear

Using the Power Of Fear –

Our hearts go out to all those who have losses In Florida and all the other places hit so hard by natural disasters. People face storms like hurricanes and tornadoes, and the devastating fires out west with fear and anxiety and more. They face the aftermath with sorrow and pain and more fear for how to go on. Like all of you, I have been praying and I absolutely believe in the power of prayer. We will never know how much worse it could have been if millions and millions of people hadn’t sent out their individual prayers and gathered together in prayer and meditation groups. Nevertheless, natural disasters and the abuse of our natural resources are taking a terrible toll on people – people we care for – people we love.

So much fear and anxiety and pain from so many people actually forms its own hurricane of sorts. It becomes a powerful energy vortex that has to go somewhere. There seems to be so little we can do, but we can do this: all that energy from the fear and the anxiety can be directed to compassion and action. People are doing that. People are helping people, neighbors are reaching out to neighbors and communities are reaching out to their residents in unprecedented numbers.

This is a personal tragedy for many and a national tragedy for all. When one of us is hurting all of us are hurting on some level. If you can do nothing else, just reach out to help somebody else. If you need help reach out to whoever is there. Our love and compassion in action directed to each other, and to the very ground we walk on and the air we breathe, are really the only long term solutions to some of our human problems.

God be with you all.

Many blessings, Elaine

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