vibration of colors

Vibration of Colors

Frequencies and the vibration of colors

Have you been to a paint store lately?  Do you know how many choices you have if you want to paint something blue, or white?  Which shade of these dozens of hues of blue would you like?  Do you want your white to be linen, winter snow, vanilla or one of countless others?

Did you know that not that long ago people wouldn’t have cared?   Your great-great-grandmother might have been shown light, dark and medium of robin’s egg blue or sky blue and she was happy with those choices.  If you presented her with today’s color chart filled with a hundred choices she may have insisted that most of them were all the same.

The reason for that is that all colors fall within certain vibrational frequencies.  The human capacity for perception of vibrations increases every day.  The waveband of perception is constantly getting wider.  You can actually see more colors than Grandma could because your energy system is more finely tuned that hers was.  Let’s pretend that there is a frequency range that goes from 1 to 100.  Let’s assume Grandma could hear and see those even vibrations that fell between 45 and 55, but was not even aware of 45.1 or 48.7.    Dogs perceive greater differentials, which explains why they can hear things we can’t.  We are evolving as Human Souls and it appears that we can hear and see vibrations in a broader range than our ancestors could.

There are many, many things just outside of our range of perception.  They are still real.  They are still here.  Don’t fear them just because you can’t see them – yet.  Many people are now hearing messages from Spirit that they couldn’t hear before.  That is not weird or strange.  It is vibrationally appropriate for people that are growing.  Many people are seeing shapes and colors and shadows that are new to them.  That is also not weird or strange.  It is also vibrationally appropriate for people that are advancing.

Our abilities to intuit and perceive are growing just like we are.  Our range of frequency perception keeps getting more refined all the time.  Can you imagine the joy we will have once we start celebrating newly discovered frequencies instead of fearing them?  Can you imagine the fun we will have once we start playing with them instead of denying them?  If you have had any of these vibration of colors experiences – of hearing or seeing things that didn’t seem to be there before, I would love to hear about it.

Blessings, Elaine

–If you’ve never experienced the delightful and inspirational Fractal Art created by local artist Brenda Molloy, here’s your chance.  Go to  – click on Fractal Art and check out the first 6 pieces presented.  They are all entitled Onward, Upward and yet each one carries a different vibrational signature.  Just for fun see it you can feel the differences in the pictures that differ only in their coloration.    Does one, more than the others, make you feel calm or enthused or introspective or inspired?  Does one feel different than another?   Playing with vibrational frequencies in this manner helps us recognize how we feel about things, and how things make us feel.  In this way we can learn to deliberately create lives and surroundings that suit us best.  And after you check out the first six pieces,  look around at the rest of the Gallery.  Brenda creates beauty in an atmosphere of very high vibrations.  Thank you, Brenda, for inspiring us.

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