we are not alone

We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

On the Morning Show on one of our major networks it was reported that over 8 million people believe in UFO’s, almost one million people have witnessed them, and an enormous number of high ranking military members have confirmed they exist.  Movies have deliberately been made to keep us in fear about anyone ‘out there’ and implying that they always mean us harm, and if they are here it is to enslave us – or eat us.  I hope you realize by this time that anything created to make you fearful has one goal:  to manipulate you.

I hope you understand that with billions of stars in the sky, to think our little planet is the only one capable of sustaining life is an attitude that comes from ego and nothing else.  If you believe in God you undoubtedly believe in a limitless Creator that is pure love.  Would that Creator limit himself to a few billion people on one small planet – and people who often don’t act from love at that?

It certainly is a lot more plausible that there are a lot more civilizations more mature than ours.  There have to be many places where beings who know they are made in the image of our Creator are actually behaving like Him – and coming from pure love all the time.  Beings like that would only want to encourage and help a civilization that is struggling to mature, and that is exactly what is happening.  That is what we are:  a civilization of the brink of adulthood.

Our small world is receiving help in cleaning up the mess down here that corruption and fear have created.  The Bible says that when we grow we put away childish things.  We are at that point now.  We need to put away the childish desires for revenge and the childish need to get even.  We need to adapt mature attitudes of forgiveness and compassion.  We need to look around us and see the truth.  We are not alone in the Universe.  We live on a planet that has been colonized by many other worlds.  It’s time to meet our relatives.

We have been given technologies and medical advances to propel our society forward at record speed.  Many of these have been declared ‘top secret’ and held for military use only.  The governments of the world will ultimately be held accountable for not serving the best needs of their people.  They have known the truth for a long time and not shared it.  Perhaps some of them thought that we couldn’t handle the truth.  We can.  Therefore the truth is coming out all over these days – everywhere you look.

My heart and my door are always open to meet and greet our long lost relatives.  They have watched over us for eons of time, never taking away our free will, but always guiding and encouraging through our intuition and our dreams.   They have continually found ways to implant uplifting ideas into our society, to move it ahead.

Every day we are discovering more artifacts which they left to trigger our memories of them.  Everyday we are growing closer to a world wide awakening.  If there is one fact that brings me joy every time I think of it, it is this:  We are not alone.

Blessings, Elaine

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