What are you Celebrating

What are you Celebrating?

Today I’m celebrating.  We finally came to the end of some intense fall cleaning projects and I’m celebrating order and harmony in my surroundings.  This was garbage day – the hard working gentlemen who man the trucks have come and gone and I’m celebrating their presence and their efficiency.  There was a squirrel on a branch outside my window happily eating an apple – I never saw that before – the apple was pretty big in the tiny hands of the squirrel.  It was easy to celebrate the feast because my little furry friend seemed to be having a marvelous time.  I also celebrated waking up comfortable and warm knowing that when I left my warm bed I could go make myself a cup of hot tea and sit and feel the sunshine for a few minutes.

In just 3 weeks we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  For some that will be a day to deliberately remember our blessings.  For others it will be a family holiday and blessings may take a back seat to discordant relationships and the stress of getting the meal on the table.  I choose not to wait until a holiday to hopefully celebrate, not when my day has so many blessings right here, right now.

I will also be going out today to vote.  It may seem hard this year to celebrate an election that has been plagued by accusations, name-calling, blaming and ridicule.  I will not celebrate that.  Instead I will celebrate the few souls who seem honest, dedicated and trustworthy.  They may not win, but I will celebrate them anyway.  It is my belief that the original intent of a leader was someone who could hold a high light vibration for the people to aspire and attune to.  It was a sacred trust, which has become eroded over the years, along with many other things in our society.  I will celebrate potential and possibility and the fact that if we focus and desire something strongly enough, we can bring it into being – we can bring integrity back.  We can also create new and better.

What are you celebrating today?

Blessings, Elaine

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