what does god require of me

What Does God Require Of Me?

What Does God Require Of Me?

Some people might say ‘nothing’ and they may be right.  Because of the whole free will thing, exactly how and when we re-establish our connection to our Loving Source is completely up to us.  If we don’t manage it in this lifetime, we will have to address that issue in some other time and some other space.

Some people might have a very long list in response to that question, and they may be right as well.   Many of us have to work through a lot of filters, habits, beliefs, fears, and accumulated ‘stuff’,  from lifetime after lifetime,  before we start to realize the truth.

There comes a point in our journey, however, while working our way through that list, that we awaken to the simplicity of it all.

So What Does God Require Of Me? God has one requirement – that I do what is needed to come home to the truth of who I am.  He will wait as long as it takes for me to arrive at that conclusion.

If I persevere, there will come a day when I am able to look inside myself and see that God has placed his wondrous shining essence there, waiting to be discovered.  At that moment, all I need to do is let that essence shine forth  – back to my Creator, and radiating out to everyone else.

What does God require of me?  That I find that place within me where He resides and set Him free.

Blessed Be, Elaine



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