What is life's purpose

What is Life’s Purpose?

What is life’s purpose?

Most people wonder from time to time what it’s all about. Why am I here?  What am I supposed to do, or learn, or is there even a purpose to my life?  Let’s look at that one first.  Yes, there is a purpose to your life.  Every life is purposeful and was planned – by you and your heavenly team – before you ever came here.  The purposes range as widely as the beings who inhabit this planet, but most of them can be put in one of 3 categories.  You came to learn something – you came to contribute something – or you came just to experience something.

Most people carry all 3 in different combinations, sometimes with a main focus on one or the other.

Now let’s always remember – this is Earth.  Sometimes the best laid plans by God and man go astray due to the free will aspect of life here.  You may have missed some signposts that you created for yourself.  Someone else’s free will might have gotten in your way. In either case, God will always make sure that justice is done eventually and the balance restored.  Unfortunately that does not usually happen instantaneously and sadly many people are not living the life they envisioned before they set foot on this world. However, by working in cooperation with the Heavenly forces, you can always be redirected to your original plan if something has pulled you off track.

Let’s pretend your main focus was to learn something.  You may have chosen to learn about wealth from the standpoint of a very rich person, or a very poor person.  It made sense ‘upstairs’ before you came.  You may have decided to contribute something to the medical field by becoming a world renowned physician, or a person with a chronic debilitating disease searching for cures and becoming an advocate for change.  Again – it made sense ‘upstairs’ in your life planning session.  You knew this life was just one of many, it would be over in probably less than 100 earth years, and you would be back home in a flash.

Perhaps you just came to experience – droughts or tropical rain forests – or living under democracy or living under a dictatorship – or having a joyful stress free life or life in a challenging family.

No matter what you decided, we all share one ultimate purpose:  to be the love and spread the love.  No matter who you are, where you are, or what your life is about, you can do that.  And when you do, it will help all the other parts of your life make sense.


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