What Is To Be?

July 13, 2010 –
What Is To Be? –

I have been around for a while – long enough to raise a family and now I am watching them raise families of their own.  I have been here long enough to know better. 

Here are a few observations on life I have gathered:

When one is young, life is all about what is coming.The excitement comes from the planning and the thinking and the dreaming.  You are going to go to school and graduate and get a job and meet someone special.  You will have a family and a home and a dog and a car – or you will be free and travel and create and explore – or you will do something wonderful and notable.  You are excited because of what will be.

Then you arrive at the implementation stage of life and quite possibly you get to actually live your dreams and enjoy the job or the travel or the family or the freedom or the creation.

Sometimes you get to the implementation stage of life and your dreams do not come true, so you become disillusioned and numb or disheartened and sad.

Either way, at some point you find youself back at the beginning.  You need a dream  – you need to be excited about what will be.  I offer today that what will be is so far beyond our understanding that we cannot even imagine it.  We have been given hints, though.  The Bible says that all tears will be wiped away.  The metaphysicians say we will be living in a new higher vibration of joy.  I hope for each and every one of you that you can look inside and find your eternal Spirit.  That Spirit is young and excited about what will come, and rightly so.  The best is yet to be.

Blessings, Elaine –

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