What to Expect in 2018

What to Expect in 2018

What to Expect in 2018 –

The last several years have been stressful to say the least. On a human level we have experienced inner and outer anxiety over a number of issues. Many of us have had to deal with some deep personal issues over any number of things. It has not been an easy time for an ascending humanity. That is what is happening – we are ascending, or growing, or going up in consciousness to become more mature, and capable to discern our own truths and govern our own lives.

We have had unprecedented help from the spiritual realms and other realms that are just now coming into the mass consciousness awareness. We have had massive energy shifts resulting in energetic streams coming to us for our benefit that could never reach us before.

If you are familiar with the hermit crab, we are kind of like that. Over countless lifetimes we have outgrown our shells (human bodies) and have crawled into new and brighter ones. We are the original soul that began the journey of growth, but to all outward appearances we look totally different than we did when the journey of growth began. Inside we feel different. We know more. We know that we know more. What we don’t know yet is exactly what we will be capable of doing in the future. We are still learning that.

In 2018 time will continue to speed up, but you will become more comfortable with it, and come to be peaceful in the present moment. A lot of the stresses and anxieties of the past several years will start to settle down. You will look at yourself, and within yourself, and discover things you never knew were there. You will start to see your own magnificence. You will get glimpses of yourself the way those who are not currently in body see you – shining bright.

What to expect in 2018? You can expect your life to unfold in response to your beliefs. That makes this a great year to keep the faith and trust. That makes this a great year to make some changes if you want to attract different things. That makes this a great year to enjoy each moment and congratulate yourself on surviving the journey this far.

You are a monumental magnificent work in progress. You have come farther than any angelic being ever believed you would, considering the density of the planet you live on. You have broken records, beaten the odds and showed the universe what determined and awesome souls could accomplish in the face of adversity when they held love and light through even the darkest night.

May you all be richly blessed,

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