What You See Is Not All There Is

What You See Is Not All There Is

What You See Is Not All There Is –

Way back when, many years ago, there was a very popular TV show called The Twilight Zone.  You can still find episodes around, and every now and then there will be a Twilight Zone marathon.  Rod Serling, the narrator, would invite you to leave the world you know and enter the fifth dimension – a place that lives in your imagination where the unexpected and unexplainable are every day occurrences.  The show was enjoyable science fiction, but there is truth there too.  If something lives in the imagination of mankind, it energetically exists somewhere.

Another science fiction show that ‘borrowed’ ideas from the future was Star Trek.  Many of the communication devices on that show have already been surpassed by our Smart Phones and Tracking Systems.  Both shows dealt strongly with morality along with the technical and mystical aspects of things not yet known.

Yesterdays ‘science fiction’ is today’s science in many, many ways.  The power of the human mind is just starting to be understood and utilized.  The awareness of multiple dimensions of time and space are a reality that scientists are exploring now. Humans are being challenged to go beyond appearances and historical information, and to look at the bigger picture.

Is it time for you to accept, understand, and become comfortable with the idea that what you see is not all there is? What you are seeing with your eyes and hearing with your ears is only the first layer of information available to your Spirit.  There are many energetic realities outside the realm of human perception.  That terrifies some people and so they cling tightly to the status quo and whatever beliefs their upbringing instilled in them.  The subconscious fear of losing what they have often creates fearful people, or, those who hunger for power and control over others. Many other people are excited by the possibilities and the potential of exploring more than they are.  They find peace, even within an outmoded belief system, because they are putting energy toward a future filled with things they can’t even imagine yet.

Those two groups of people are, in essence, what the turmoil in the world is all about:  those who are locked into this reality and those who live beyond this reality.  Ironically both groups can exist simultaneously on the same planet.  You can believe within a group of non-believers.  You can manifest for yourself within a group of those who don’t believe in the power of manifestation.  You can communicate with your angelic guides while sitting next to someone who does not believe in angels.  You can learn to see the energy patterns around people and discern truthfulness without the aid of supporting physical documentation.  You can energetically clear your path through the minefield of distortion and disillusionment that is the present day.

I would encourage anyone who is feeling helpless and hopeless to look beyond what seems to be and explore what is.  You have an inner, perhaps untapped, power over your own life and it rests in your soul.  I would encourage anyone who is in touch with the mystical and magical aspects of their lives to keep exploring and trusting and growing.

The journey from seeking power through controlling others, to a journey of discovering the power of oneself within the vastness of creation can be a challenging one, but can also be a joyous one. Don’t allow anyone else to dictate how fast you travel to your magical destination.

Many Blessings,

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