when will ascension happen

When Will Ascension Happen

When will ascension happen?

You can call it ascension, or uplifting, or the great awakening.  Like the iron age and the industrial age and all the other ages that came before it, you never real see it when you are in the middle of it.  This current age of enlightenment  began in 1987 with a specific configuration of planets that signaled the entry of new frequencies to our earth plane.  These frequencies are filled with light – and love.

We expected the first 25 years of this age – the beginning portion –  to culminate in 2012 with unmistakeable signs of improvement in our government and society.  Our angelic guides thought that the idea of health, happiness, peace, joy and abundance for all would catch on without too much difficulty.

Human free will, though, is always honored.  There were enough humans in places of power who didn’t want to share, and they have been holding on to their power and influence and affluence with all they’ve got.

But there are starting to be some cracks in the walls they have built around themselves to keep themselves safe.  What is coming through these cracks is the truth.  Truth is coming out everywhere.  It’s pretty hard to hide anything these days.  And it has been said – the truth will set you free.  We are in the process of being set free – free from old attitudes, free from old restrictions and beliefs, free from fear.

This journey to freedom is a very individual thing.  It will be yours when you claim it.  When enough have claimed it, however, we will probably experience what has been called the ‘hundredth monkey theory’.  It will appear as though overnight our world has undergone a complete reworking of attitude.  We will elect politicians who serve the people instead of themselves, and we will make decisions that support and nurture all people everywhere.

I hope and pray that day comes soon – and in the meantime I will offer light and love wherever I can.  I can only encourage you to look within yourselves and find the truth:  that everything you ever wanted comes flowing straight from God  to you without limits and without restrictions of any kind.

No one can open to the flow of goodness but you.  No one can block the flow of goodness but you.  The real power has never been in the hands of the bankers and the people with the guns – the real power to direct and create your life has always been within you.

So when do you ascend?  When do you awake?  When will ascension happen? Perhaps it is the day you finally figure that out.

Blessings, Elaine

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