Where does Intuition Come From

I often get asked “where does intuition come from”?

You are a spiritual/biological being. Your intuition was given to you, to be your direct link to the Source of all life. You intuition is designed to instantly know what is the best course of action to take and how to take it, always for your highest good. Instead of being born into a society that nurtured this gift you were born into a society where reason rules.

By the time you reached your twenties you had probably spent 13 to 18 years in an educational environment that wanted you to focus on your mind and your reason, above all else. You were taught facts, and your reasoning ability was nurtured so that you would prove the facts.

Your creativity was relegated to art class or music class, or a few projects here and there, and even then you were applauded for coloring within the lines, learning to make the sky blue, and the grass green.

Think about that. Your most valuable navigational tool, your intuition, may be laying dormant, waiting to be awakened and used. If you are almost exclusively thinking your way through life, you are denying half of who you are, and what you are capable of.

The greatest minds in history did not only make great business deals based on facts, but they only went after things that ‘felt’ right or that they ‘just knew’ would work.

Here’s something to practice. Check in with yourself regularly to see if what you are doing not only makes rational sense, but also feels good. Does it feed your Spirit or is it just something off your to-do list?

Many blessings,

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