Who You Are

Who You Are

Two weeks ago I asked you what you do.  Last week I asked you why you do it.  I hope you have taken some time to think about that.

I offer here one explanation – perhaps the only explanation:   We do what we do because of who we are – and – in many instances we do what we do because we are trying to deny what we are.

Like all of you, I am not from here.  Like you I am a human being – temporarily – for the duration of this lifetime.  When I am not here, though, and when you are not here, we are something quite different.

Do you ever remember your spirit form?  Perhaps in dreams, or when you see a movie or read a book that takes you away from yourself, and expands you.  When you were in your spirit fom, before you incarnated, you were free.  Completely and utterly free.  No worries.  No time limits.  No obligations.   And then you decided to do something.  You decided to come to earth.  Do you know why you did that?

There have been many reasons offered through the years, but they come to this.  You came for the sheer adventure of it.  You came to test yourself, and grow yourself, and expand yourself.  And perhaps you came under a divine mandate from Divine Love..

When God said, who will go and experience this form of being, and bring back that experience to me, you said ‘I will go’.   You said ‘I want that opportunity – I want to see what it’s like – I want to serve Love’.

Did you know you were an explorer?  Did you know you were on a Divine Mission?  Did you know you were an inseperable part of the family of God and that you came to serve the Father – the Divine Source of all that is?  Did you know you came to manifest love on earth?

– and all some of you thought you were was just a mom or dad, or just a secretary or factory worker, or just a professional or clerk.  – and all you thought you did was go to work and take care of your family – and the reason you thought you did it was to pay the rent and keep it all together.  Silly you – who knew –

Blessings, Elaine

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