Why are you worrying

Why are you Worrying?

Worry –
November 16, 2010 –

Are you a worrier?  Do you know somebody who is?  Even if you aren’t one yourself, do you ever find yourself saying things like, ‘Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it.” ?

Recently on the news we were told that we didn’t need to worry about the weather tomorrow.  (Were you worried?)  Another television ad from an insurance company gave us this reassurance :  “We will worry about the paperwork – you just worry about your loved one”.

Why are you worrying?

Are you as tired of worrying, talking about worrying, and thinking about worrying as I am?  Do you understand the energetic implications of talking about something?   Well, if you weren’t aware before, let me tell you what happens.  The more we think about something, put it into words, and embrace the energy of it, the more it grows.  It can actually grow into something real even though it was only a word to begin with.

Human beings, unfortunately, do worry about things that may happen in the future and things that are out of their control.  Also, unfortunately, all that worrying doesn’t do one bit of good, and actually hurts by surrounding the issue with negativity.   So for anyone out there who feels inclined to help me by telling me not to worry, I don’t need your kind of help.  Maybe if we banish the word ‘worry’ from our vocabulary we can get to work on replacing our worries with understanding, acceptance, action, trust and faith.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Blessings, Elaine

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