wind fire floods

Wind and Fires and Floods

People in our country, and in our world are suffering.  Homes and lives and livelihoods are being lost through the ravages of Mother Nature and man’s inhumanity to man.  People are asking, ‘what is going on?’  Some are looking for someone to blame, and others are asking why God doesn’t help us more.

Since there is no simple answer to that question, let me answer with this story.  Pretend that you live in quite a large family with a lot of brothers and sisters.  Mom has repeatedly told all of you to take off your shoes when you come in the house, and set them in the appropriate place, so that nobody trips over them.

Some of you do, some of you try and occasionally forget, while some of you are careless and some of you are just plain stubborn. Shoes get left in the middle of the hallway on a regular basis. Sometimes you move your own shoes.  Sometimes you come in and see someone else’s shoes there and you move them.  Sometimes you leave other people’s shoes there and just complain.  Sometimes someone trips and falls and gets a minor bruise.  There have been occasions when someone has fallen and broken a bone.

Mom loves you all.  She has tried explaining the danger.  She has tried demanding compliance.  She has taken away privileges and doled out punishments.  She has very often – more than we will ever know – moved them herself.

So, now, someone falls and gets seriously hurt.  Is it Mom’s fault?  Is it the fault of the person who tripped?  Is it the fault of the person who saw them, and stepped over them for the next guy to come along?  Is it the person who left them there? What if the person who left them meant to move them and just forgot because someone was calling them.  What if they were just careless?  What if they were being deliberately mean?  Should there be different consequences?

Life has no easy answers, but God gives us freewill and if He moved our shoes ever single time, we would never learn to put them away.  If we do get hurt through someone else’s carelessness, though,  we can count on God to do everything possible to help us heal.  If we have done wrong God will send us opportunities to make up for it and do right, if not in this lifetime, then in subsequent lifetimes.

Mother Earth needs to clear all the negativity and toxins that humanity has polluted her with, and she is doing just that.  We pray that the cleansing take place in an easy, fair, safe, and gentle way.  We pray that those responsible be held accountable, and those hurt be healed.


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